The basic principles of the spiral freezers


First, it will be installed to waitFrozen foodThe frozen plate is placed on the horizontal conveyor chain of the spiral freezer, and the frozen plate enters the lifting track of the frozen chamber with the transport chain.StepLifting exercise, frozenPlate RiseWhen you get to the bridge position, the pusher pushes the frozen plate on the lift track to the drop track, and then freezes the plateWith the declineTrack runTo levelThe conveyor chain delivers the frozen plate out of the freezer. 

Spiral Freezer

When the food is processed in the frozen chamber with the frozen plate, the strong cold air produced by the refrigeration system is in the fan and the currentBoard actionformed a stable horizontal ring-like cryogenic airstream, with vertical motionFrozen foodTo conduct a heat exchange, to beFrozen foodAchieve a quick cooling freeze and complete the freezing process. 

All of the above is in the "brain" of the freezer.--- programmable controller (PLC) "under command"and while human-computer interaction is touched by LCDScreen implementationthe The main interface of the touch screen of the spiral freezer is equipped with "automatic," "frozen time adjustment,"Manual, Alert, Status, Cream, and other operators. The system is turned on and into an automatically running interface, and the work instructions are issued by the "Start" and "Stop" buttons of the touch screen.

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