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  • 1903-2019

    Why liquid nitrogen is much better than ammonia or Freon ?

    Why liquid nitrogen is much better than ammonia or Freon ?

  • 1803-2020

    Liquid nitrogen freezing and placement

    This substance is a frozen liquid, in the closed area will cause a great danger, the need for engineering control and protective equipment, staff should be strictly trained and informed of the danger stoic and safe use of the substance.

  • 1703-2020

    The basic principles of the spiral freezers

    First, it will be installed to waitFrozen foodThe frozen plate is placed on the horizontal conveyor chain of the spiral freezer, and the frozen plate enters the lifting track of the frozen chamber with the transport chain.StepLifting exercise, frozenPlate RiseWhen you get to the bridge position, the pusher pushes the frozen plate on the lift track to the drop track, and then freezes the plateWith the declineTrack runTo levelThe conveyor chain delivers the frozen plate out of the freezer.

  • 1603-2020

    The characteristics and composition of the spiral freezer

    The freezing capacity is large, due to the use of double-turned drum structure, more play the characteristics of spiral freezer;

  • 1403-2020

    Frozen equipment to protect frozen food

    People to food for the day, in recent years, food quality and safety incidents occur frequently, once food quality and safety has been pushed to the forefront of the wind.

  • 1303-2020

    Factors Affecting Food Freezing

    When the food is frozen at a thickness of 5-50 millimeters per hour , the number of ice crystals generated during the food freezing process can be guaranteed to be basically the same, and the grains are relatively small, thereby achieving the reversibility of preservation.

  • 1203-2020

    Liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine leads the trend of energy saving and environmental protection

    Many products such as fruits, vegetables, and aquatic products are suitable for processing frozen foods. The demand for frozen foods in the international market is also steadily increasing, especially the high-quality products are continuing to grow.

  • 1103-2020

    The difference between a frozen reservoir and a frozen tunnel

    A frozen cold storage is also known as a frozen storage. Frozen cold storage usually requires a relatively large refrigeration equipment, the equipment cooling capacity and food freezing volume is proportional to the time of the frozen.

  • 1003-2020

    The Inevitability of the Rise of The New Liquid Nitrogen Freezer

    With the continuous development of the economy, people's living standards continue to improve, people's demand for food from all aspects of the demand for the higher and higher.

  • 0603-2020

    What are the advantages of liquid nitrogen quick freeze?

    Quick-frozen foods are foods that need to be quick-frozen. After appropriate pre-treatment, they are quickly frozen in various ways. They are packaged and stored at -18 ° C to -20 ° C (generally required, different foods require different temperatures) and delivered under continuous low temperature conditions.

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