The leader of China's liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology


Advantages of liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine:

1. The product freezes fast, the freezing time is short, and the efficiency is relatively higher.

2. Compared with other liquid nitrogen products, the production area is smaller, the utilization rate per unit area is higher, the output is larger, and the cost is lower.

3. The freezing time is short, and the freezing interval of the product is quickly passed, effectively preventing the occurrence of ice spurs, reducing the damage of the frozen cells to the products, and the quality of the products is largely preserved. Preserved in a better taste and a more complete nutritional content.

4. The equipment is frozen by liquid nitrogen to create a relatively oxygen-free environment, which effectively prevents oxidation and deterioration of the product, and at the same time, it plays a role of sterilization and bacteriostasis.

5, rapid freezing reduces the dry consumption of the product and the dehydration of the product, so that the product retains the original state to a large extent, improving the yield and lower loss.

6, all stainless steel design, health is better, cleaning is more convenient

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